So I’ve been in listening mode for awhile now. And what I mean by that, I don’t have much advise to give but I am sitting and letting people talk. Some people appreciate just letting them talk without much feedback. Well recently I have noticed those who are talking and the subjects they are talking about are Reflections of what is going on in my world. Lately I’ve been able to hear my situation from another perspective. When you notice a theme or a pattern i have learned its a sign to take head. If I have 3 friends that I give the exact same advice to, I probably need to take my own advice. Sometimes the answers aren’t always straightforward but they are there.


It’s o.k. if all you do today is JUST BREATHE. It’s ok, if you roll out of bed, drink your tea, and just sit on the back porch. It’s ok, if you decide not to get dressed, and hang out in your P.J.’s all day. It’s ok, if you just want to chill. This world has become so fast paced, and the notion of doing “nothing” is hog wash. Guess what? You ARE doing something. You are breathing. It’s o.k. just to breathe.

Your Womb

Your womb (yoni, sacral) is the source of your creation. Yes, life starts in the womb, so does thoughts, and manifestations. Without the essence of your womb, your life will lack creativity. Aspects of your life will become stagnant if your womb is stagnant. Your job, your hobbies, your passions all benefit from the essence of your womb. Your womb has experienced so much trauma, (Birth, Sex, Surgeries, being Ignored) take some time and nurture it. Speak to it, care for it, honor your Yoni.

Just Breathe

When was the last time you stopped and just took a deep breathe. Stop reading, and inhale through your nose, and let it out slowly through your mouth. Release your shoulders. Just breathe. Breathing is the quickest way for you to become centered and more focused.

New Moon in Leo

Wow… Looking back at the past few weeks, it’s been crazy.  Sometimes among all the crazy I forgot how to “Just Breathe”. There was so much not in my control, and it was driving me batty. With all the chaos, I forgot to just take a step back and BREATHE. Today was a day of setting intentions, and preparing to receive all my blessings I have coming to me in this New Moon in Leo. New opportunities awaits.